Of Rocks and Waters

No wonder why Bermuda is called "The Rock."


Colorful Houses in Bermuda

Take a look at what's inside the crayon box.

The houses in Bermuda will compete in terms of variety in color... Plus most of them are pastel colored!

I lived in a pink house and am
 currently in a peach one. 

I find it funny at times that when people ask about where you live... you only not say the street and house number which is usual in any parts of the world... In Bermuda, we can also describe the house by its given name and, of course, its color!

"Please deliver the items in number 6 Spanish View Road. The
 one at the end of the hill. The pink house called Onion Patch"

The roofs are all white. This is used to catch rainwater and stored in tanks. So it is necessary to have roofs that are whitewashed and
 maintained clean all the time. (I'm not so sure, but Bermuda does not have fresh water, aside from the one that comes from up above.)


Small Flowers

brings certain joy to my soul.

Beautiful, relieving
suddenly comes to mind...

as if sea breeze... 

so refreshing...

as if  tides that continuously flow.

that adds a peculiar glow 

to my tired and 
at times, restless soul.

Small Flowers of Bermuda
Taken all over the island.
Most are from the Botanical gardens.