What is your house name?

A House name? Yes, I observed that Bermuda houses has names or aliases that sets it aside from the rest.


Well, of course, aside from the usual house and street names.

The house names are usually placed near the house number. Painted in various materials such as wood, metal, tiles or ceramics and even carved in wood.

Some names are quite serious and formal in
 nature while the others are seriously funny.

(It took me a great deal taking these photos since I have to stop on the road whenever I saw an interesting name. Often, I have to go back the next day or take the shot after work.)


Bermuda Blooms

Everything in nature invites us constantly to be what we are.” Not who we are, but what.
By understanding nature, the world around us, we can understand our own whatness. By entering nature, we can enter ourselves.
 - Gretel Ehrlich, in her book The Solace of
 Open Space

I just find flowers to mimic the cycle of life. I also find solace looking at their distinct features... 
the bud, the intricacies of colors, petals. The wilting flowers, as it surrenders to the inevitable.   Their colors almost provide enough mystery to keep my my mind away from the busy world.

Flowers remind me of how blessed we are. 


Happy Mother's Day!!!

Dawdling over lunch break, thinking of my family, I came up with this draft of a poem dedicated to my wife, my mom, mom-in-law and those who served as my mother outside my real home or country. And this also goes to all the mothers in the world.... 

Mother's Day

. . . is the day when they planned to raise a family

. . . is the day when we were conceived

. . . is the day when we first gasped for air and see the light

. . . is the day when we were nurtured by their milk, their loving hands

. . . is the day when they sang to lull us to sleep

. . . is the day when we first smiled, giggled or uttered the word 'mama' or 'nana'

. . . is the day when we walked on our own

. . . is the day when they prepared for our schooling and plan for our bright future

. . . is the day when we were trained to do household chores

. . . is the day of our best achievements

. . . and is also the day of our failures

. . . is the day when we have to leave our own mother to become independent

. . . is the day when we planned to raise our own family

. . . is the day when it is our turn to nurture, to give and provide for children

Because our mothers will always be there for us. Through good and bad times, best or worse days of our lives.


Mother's day!

. . . is not just a day in a year.

It is everyday of our life.


Harbour Night

Every Wednesday during the summer

 months, Front Street in Hamilton transforms into a big fiesta cum party scene! 

From around 6 Pm to midnight, Hamilton's main street is closed to vehicular traffic to give way to the celebration which is comparable to a fiesta in the Philippines. 

 There are tents and canopies decorated with lights and other stuffs - selling food, shell crafts, tribal necklaces and crafts, artworks and of course - food! (Like tiangge)



There's street dancing, bands and even a solo performer - A Pinoy!!!  (The street dancing is almost similar to ati-atihan.) Bar scenes along the beach is also alive and waiting for guests... Even retail shops that usually closes either 5 or 6 in the afternoon extends their operating hours.

It is a worthwhile experience and a good immersion activity into the Bermudian way of life as they celebrate their 400th founding anniversary.


My Daughter is now thirteen

  • May 6 marked my only daughter's thirteenth birthday. I remember, I was in the Philippines last year to celebrate her day. Now, I am away once again.

Nothing to do but think of her and the rest of my family during my lunch break, I scribbled this little piece for her:

My Daughter @ Thirteen

  • You are now a teenager
    The age, the time
    I would like to believe
    That You already have discipline

    The ability and the wisdom to distinguish
    What is right from wrong
    The knowledge to know and differentiate
    The good and the bad
    Amongst deeds, events, peers, influences
    ... in Everything around you.

    We will try to guide you, the best way we can
    as you mature
    Further develop the courage and will
    To choose the right and what is good
    For everyone concerned

    We expect you to try your best
    To become a matured, disciplined
    And a responsible person

    As we prepare your path,
    the stepping stones of your future
    Remember, it is still your own feet
    Your sole initiative to choose and take the right steps

    Your steps
    towards your tomorrow, my dear daughter at thirteen.