Mirror, Mirror on the road

who's the fairest of  'em all?


Pocahontas, John Smith and I

I never thought that Bermuda is somewhat connected to Pocahontas. And exactly where I now live is named after her boyfriend (I live in Smith's Parish)? And one of the beaches that I frequent, is called John Smith Bay.

Now, now... how did this happen?

Here's what I grabbed from my research:

The most popular tale is that Pocahontas, as a child, saved John Smith’s life after he was captured by the Powhatan. (The Powhatan is the tribe, I think, which is also the name of Pocahontas' father.)  According to  John Smith’s account he was laid across a  stone and just as he was to be executed Pocahontas threw herself across his body.  Many scholars believe that this ‘execution’ was actually a ritual misunderstood by Smith.  

In either case, Pocahontas and John Smith became friends and she visited him at the Fort often.  Smith says that Pocahontas saved the people at the Fort from starvation by bringing them provisions.  This friendship lead to the romantic tales of Pocahontas and John Smith which continue to this day; with many people wrongly believing that they were once married. 

And about the beach...

John Smith’s Bay is the only public beach in Smith’s Parish. It is named after Captain John Smith who produced a map of Bermuda in 1631, despite never having set foot on the island. The captain was one of the early English colonists in Virginia and was saved by Pocahontas. Interestingly, Pocahontas went on to marry John Rolfe who was one of the men aboard Sir George Somers’ shipwrecked Sea Venture.

The bay is not near any major hotels so is not very well known to tourists. Locals love it though, I visit the bay as often as I can - sometimes twice a week. The beach is long and wide with crystal clear water. The water is shallow and good for children. The reef lies about 200 meters from the beach but it’s not necessary to snorkel this far to see the wonderful marine life. John Smith’s Bay occasionally experiences rip currents.

I find it peaceful to be at the beach before the sun sets. Bringing my camera and sometimes my sketch pad - along with my kids' coloring which I brought all the way from the Philippines. 

Well, now I know, Pocahontas and I have something in common.... we both like John Smith : for her the person... me, the bay, named after the person.


John Smith

is the guy related to Pocahontas?

it's the name of the beach.... and the parish where i live

i'll do some research about Mr. John Smith... 


Getting lost


is really worth it in Bermuda. 

now... where will i get lost again this time?


Pinoy Good Friday in Bermuda

Celebrating the Lenten Season, particularly the Good Friday is soooooo different in Bermuda if compared to my home country. In the Philippines, Holy Week is one of the solemnly observed faith-based celebration. Being a predominantly Christian 
the death
 and resurrection of Jesus Christ means a lot to us Filipinos.

is interesting to note that various provinces and cities have different ways of observing the Lenten season, but what is essential is in 
the Philippines, it means we
 try to sacrifice something that is important to us. Some people fast, do not eat meat, give up vices, go to church daily or 

pray novena daily, or anything that will serve as sharing the sacrifice of the savior. There are places in the Philippines where we can 
still see flagellation and some ac
tual nailing to the cross. Oh, I almost failed to mention the singing in the church we call pasyon - it's like the whole new testament rewritten in rhymes and sang in various tunes.

In Bermuda, it is a different story.  Although the island has the most Christian churches (per square area) in the world, it is surprising how they celebrate the lent. It's like making a hundred and eighty, as
 people gets ready and are excited for the holiday. It is almost comparable
 to Christmas. The days prior to Good Friday 
is a very busy day - for shopping, buying food, liquors and all items necessary for the fiesta atmosphere of Good Friday. In the morning, they eat hot cross buns and salted fillet cod fish as breakfast as their tradition. Good Friday
 also means kite festival for them. People go to parks, beaches, go yachting, fishing, or just party at home. 

Now, the Filipinos here who are mostly contract workers, are now kinda influenced by the way Bermudians celebrate the lent. We are known to be adaptable, adjustable. Although it was still hard to get away from having some small sacrifices -  it runs in our DNA. But we still went to park or beaches, have picnic or party of sort.

Well, no matter how things are done or celebrated, the important thing is remembering the sacrifices of the Lord. And looking forward for 
His resurrection - which  completed the man's journey to salvation after giving His life to the cross.


I wanna take you to...

Aruba, Jamaica, ooh I wanna take ya...
Bermuda, Bahama, come on pretty mama
Key Largo, Montego, 
we go

I was in early 
school the first time I heard the song. I 
remember sharing it with my friends - of course, not thru 
internet or youtube or i-tune.. those were not 
even dreamed of during those times. (As teens, 
we survived without i-pods, mobile phones, psp 
and other techie gadgets teens nowadays deemed as necessary in order to live.) 
Not even knowing who sang it . (Now I know it's 
the Beach Boys.) At that age, I may not be able 
to understand the entire lyrics of the song. 
What I know is I love the rythm, 
the beat and how it is sang.
Probably, it has something to do with my love of nature, especially the waters. I just liked the song and grew up hearing it from time to time.
Now, I heard the song again. And ... come to think of it... 
I am already in one of the 
mentioned in the 
And I still like it. It's like how I enjoy the beach, the province and the nature in general as I mature.
So here goes the video and the lyrics for the song Kokomo.

Off the Florida Keys there's a place called Kokomo
That's where you wanna go to get away from it all
Bodies in the sand, tropical drink melting in your hand
We'll be falling in love to the rhythm of a steel drumband
Down in Kokomo
Aruba, Jamaica, ooh I wanna take you to
Bermuda, Bahama, come on pretty mama
Key Largo Montego, baby why don't we go
Ooh I wanna take you down to Kokomo,
we'll get there fast and then we'll take it slow
That's where we wanna go, way down in Kokomo.

Martinique, that Monserrat mystique...

We'll put out to sea and we'll perfect our chemistry
By and by we'll defy a little bit of gravity
Afternoon delight, cocktails and moonlit nights
That dreamy look in your eye, give me a tropical contacthigh
Way down in Kokomo
Aruba, Jamaica, ooh I wanna take you to
Bermuda, Bahama, come on pretty mama
Key Largo Montego, baby why don't we go
Ooh I wanna take you down to Kokomo,
we'll get there fast and then we'll take it slow
That's where we wanna go, way down in Kokomo.
Port au Prince, I wanna catch a glimpse...
Everybody knows a little place like Kokomo
Now if you wanna go to get away from it all
Go down to Kokomo




No specific form.

Sometimes seemingly stagnant. But are actually not.

Constantly changes shapes, constantly moving.

Phases and faces unpredictable.

Colors vary. Dependent on the light. 

Forms and shapes makes imagination run wild. A cat? A horse? A bird? A dragon? or just plain beautiiful big feathers or cotton.


Merely looking at them challenges my imagination....