A Day At The City of Hamilton

One sunny afternoon, I brought my camera and wandered around 'town' as it is popularly called here. Well, the town is actually the city of Hamilton - the capital of Bermuda (I hope this is right, hehehe!) and hosts most government and administrative offices in the island.

Aside from being a good tourist spot, having the most shopping venues, this part of town is also the center of entertainment as it has my favorite bars and pubs and my only favorite movie theatre. 

Fortunately, this is where I work  just like more than half of the island's inhabitants. Sometimes, during my lunch break, I just walk around town to while away time.

Based on its site, the city is presently 185 acres in size, substantially more than when first established but still one of the smallest cities in the world.

A trip around town is really worth it as I observe how people interacts and greets each other along the way... a diverse set of people in terms of culture and race..
see how people break traffic rules, whether on foot or while driving vehicles... and how it also has problems of homeless people just like any other cities... 
and how the city has maintained very nice and truly reinvigorating parks within... or how I got stuck in traffic during rush hours.

The city of Hamilton, a truly unique experience to be a part of.