Pinoy Good Friday in Bermuda

Celebrating the Lenten Season, particularly the Good Friday is soooooo different in Bermuda if compared to my home country. In the Philippines, Holy Week is one of the solemnly observed faith-based celebration. Being a predominantly Christian 
the death
 and resurrection of Jesus Christ means a lot to us Filipinos.

is interesting to note that various provinces and cities have different ways of observing the Lenten season, but what is essential is in 
the Philippines, it means we
 try to sacrifice something that is important to us. Some people fast, do not eat meat, give up vices, go to church daily or 

pray novena daily, or anything that will serve as sharing the sacrifice of the savior. There are places in the Philippines where we can 
still see flagellation and some ac
tual nailing to the cross. Oh, I almost failed to mention the singing in the church we call pasyon - it's like the whole new testament rewritten in rhymes and sang in various tunes.

In Bermuda, it is a different story.  Although the island has the most Christian churches (per square area) in the world, it is surprising how they celebrate the lent. It's like making a hundred and eighty, as
 people gets ready and are excited for the holiday. It is almost comparable
 to Christmas. The days prior to Good Friday 
is a very busy day - for shopping, buying food, liquors and all items necessary for the fiesta atmosphere of Good Friday. In the morning, they eat hot cross buns and salted fillet cod fish as breakfast as their tradition. Good Friday
 also means kite festival for them. People go to parks, beaches, go yachting, fishing, or just party at home. 

Now, the Filipinos here who are mostly contract workers, are now kinda influenced by the way Bermudians celebrate the lent. We are known to be adaptable, adjustable. Although it was still hard to get away from having some small sacrifices -  it runs in our DNA. But we still went to park or beaches, have picnic or party of sort.

Well, no matter how things are done or celebrated, the important thing is remembering the sacrifices of the Lord. And looking forward for 
His resurrection - which  completed the man's journey to salvation after giving His life to the cross.

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