The Bermuda Day Parade (Parte Dois)

The Filipino float and dancers were one of the best.. Well, not only because I was wearing a shirt that is Philippine flag inspired. hats off to the organizers and dancers, particularly to the AFB or Association of Filipinos in Bermuda. Come to think of it, I am not a registered member! Hahaha!

I did hang out with most of my Filipino friends from our store and from the (only) hospital here. 

The only day when you can drink beer/alcohol on the street, so we grabbed the opportunity and did our stuff!

Back to the event, the parade of floats and representatives of different countries were all inspiring and informative. never I thought that there were Mohawk Indian tribes somewhere in Bermuda (far up north?).  Since the main streets in the city is closed, umbrellas and even gazebos are lined up on the street. It's like having a grand  picnic and party! 

The parade includes famous persons and organizations and of course a representation of different cultures and nationalities. Floats and costumes galore!

I loved how the Portuguese made their parade with arc similar to a flores de mayo of the Philippines. Well, our country has been 'discovered' by a Portuguese Magellan so, it is not impossible to think that our traditions, culture and language are influenced by this people. Fact is, I really get along with most Portuguese I bumped into, and might as well make friends with them as I study their language.

(This jolly guy keeps on dancing and drinking..) 

The Portuguese dancers:

United Colors of Bermuda:

Representing my parish

There's a lot of other nations and nationalities who joined the parade. Needless to say that during the event, I may have bumped into 20 or more people of different countries. Just bumped, while holding my beer and camera. But one thing for sure, I am so glad to have witnessed this still on-going celebration of the 400th year discovery of Bermuda.

Here's an excerpt from the government's article about the reason for the celebration:

"In 1609 the Sea Venture, flagship of the second expedition sent to America by the Virginia Company of London under the command of Admiral Sir George Somers was wrecked off Bermuda during a violent storm (providing the theme of Shakespeare’s Tempest). The subsequent rescue a year later of the Jamestown colony in Virginia by its survivors is one of the important stories of the western world. Bermuda played a crucial role in the development of the New World. Over the past four centuries, Bermuda has evolved into a diverse multi-ethnic and multi-cultural community.

This anniversary gives the opportunity to honour and showcase the Bermuda people, the culture, and the events that have helped to build Bermuda over the past 400 years and make it what it is today. We can acknowledge and celebrate the journey"

--- And here's a slide show made by a friend:


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