My Daughter is now thirteen

  • May 6 marked my only daughter's thirteenth birthday. I remember, I was in the Philippines last year to celebrate her day. Now, I am away once again.

Nothing to do but think of her and the rest of my family during my lunch break, I scribbled this little piece for her:

My Daughter @ Thirteen

  • You are now a teenager
    The age, the time
    I would like to believe
    That You already have discipline

    The ability and the wisdom to distinguish
    What is right from wrong
    The knowledge to know and differentiate
    The good and the bad
    Amongst deeds, events, peers, influences
    ... in Everything around you.

    We will try to guide you, the best way we can
    as you mature
    Further develop the courage and will
    To choose the right and what is good
    For everyone concerned

    We expect you to try your best
    To become a matured, disciplined
    And a responsible person

    As we prepare your path,
    the stepping stones of your future
    Remember, it is still your own feet
    Your sole initiative to choose and take the right steps

    Your steps
    towards your tomorrow, my dear daughter at thirteen.

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