Harbour Night

Every Wednesday during the summer

 months, Front Street in Hamilton transforms into a big fiesta cum party scene! 

From around 6 Pm to midnight, Hamilton's main street is closed to vehicular traffic to give way to the celebration which is comparable to a fiesta in the Philippines. 

 There are tents and canopies decorated with lights and other stuffs - selling food, shell crafts, tribal necklaces and crafts, artworks and of course - food! (Like tiangge)



There's street dancing, bands and even a solo performer - A Pinoy!!!  (The street dancing is almost similar to ati-atihan.) Bar scenes along the beach is also alive and waiting for guests... Even retail shops that usually closes either 5 or 6 in the afternoon extends their operating hours.

It is a worthwhile experience and a good immersion activity into the Bermudian way of life as they celebrate their 400th founding anniversary.

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