I have not been...


I have not been posting anything on my blog for the recent months. Two or three moths to be more a little precise. But things had been busy. Maybe because of the different social functions that I have to go to.

It is now exactly one in the morning of wednesday, May 19th. I just shared a dinner and few drinks with some of my old and new friends in the island. One way of coping up with the stress... brought by work and homesickness.. Living most of our livea away from the family.

Yes, when reality strikes.. and reality bites, I know or and am sure that the reasons why I got a very healthy social network in this island - a vast set of friends of different nationalities, of different cultures...

... is my way of coping up of living away from the most important people of my life... MY FAMILY.

Sometimes, other folks may find it silly. I got too much social events going on. True. To the fact that I cannot attend to its demands most of the time. However, I still am trying to make sure to be there in the very important social occasions. At times, or should I say, most of the time though, what is essential and relevant is subjective. Hence, the differences in our opinions. And in my part, the root of slight arguments over which or who and what is more important than the other.

Well, I still find it more interesting that the various social networks feels that the personal presence is essential. So, if an individual's presence is considered important in a gathering, therefore that individual has a very interesting, or should I say, intriguing and acceptable behavior in that group... be it of the same or of varying cultures.

This post is dedicated to that very healthy social networks that have accepted me as an individual. I feel blessed for having the gift of learning and appreciating our differences and similarities along the way


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