Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Nine

I felt something special

there was this petite looking girl

so simple with a nice smile

a warm feeling enveloped my inner being

A book in her hand

surrounded by a group of friends

I thought, what is so special about this girl?

how come I cannot stop glancing,

short of staring at her?

At that time, I consider myself as naive

confused with what I feel

But definitely sure that at that moment

a fine sweet day in the midst of that year

that this person is very special

The special feeling within me was nurtured

Into friendship and evolved

to become the most

special relationship that one can have

Almost six years after

The nuptial invites read

"This day, I will marry my friend,

the one I laugh with,

live for,

dream with..."

Committing my love

my life

and everything that I can offer

as we became one.

And yes, I am so grateful

for the gift of nineteen hundred and eighty nine

It has given me the treasure of my life

the one I will grow old with

My wife.

The love of my life.

Happy valentine's day!


Minyang's Corner said...

I love it uncle! Very romantic. :)

arlcd_06 said...

so sweet dad :)