Promdi Pinoy ... Is Now An Islander

I left the Philippines for a job opportunity in an island...  Bermuda. This is also the reason why during the course of  travel and adjustment to the new place, I was not able to post new blogs.

Promdi Pinoy is still a promdi... you can take him out of the province, but you cannot take the province out of him.

Watch out for the new experiences and adventures of Promdi Pinoy who is now an islander, an islander from the province. Come to think of it, I am also an official OFW now, huh? (Overseas Filipino Worker - the best export products of the Philippines.) 

These are my first few photos of the island paradise... 

Some are taken on my way to work

... strolling at the park

or simply waking up and opening my eyes in this fantastic views!!

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