Windy Bermuda

The months of January and February  are kinda cold here in the island. March is still chilly. Coming from a tropical country, the temperature that is 25 degrees Celsius or below only means one thing -  it is cold. We need to wear jackets and, as I often see with my fellow kababayans (countrymen), even thick winter clothes are acceptable. Well, riding the bike on a cold windy day is no joke. Plus, it also rains (most of the time)! What more can you ask for? 

Well, windy or not, I still appreciate Bermuda. The way the island's weather changes within the day is something that we have to get used to. You sometimes get all four seasons in one day. You go to work on a chilly morning wind, then take lunch enjoying the clear blue skies and warm sunshine, go home in the late afternoon or evening on full battle (rain) gear! 

Some (or most) of my videos here are taken on a windy day.  The island's beauty is still breath- taking despite the weather... at one time i almost got wet, taking photos and videos by the beach due to the whisks of water brought by the wind. 

I am also fascinated by birds around here. Often, I wake up hearing the birds singing on  a nearby tree. The one I got here was taken when I was parking my bike near our apartment. It's not the best shot, but at least, try to check the birds.

Don't get dizzy, I tried my best getting these shots:

This first video was taken on my way to work (I leave early in order to enjoy 
the view and stop from time to time)... The railway trail along north shore road.

Shelly Bay, along north shore...

The birds singing....

My second morning in the island. I have to wake up early to record this...

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