The Province


It is actually my desktop image, particularly the one that shows the rice field, bamboo trees and the clear blue sky. The photo was taken while I was on my way to the airport, once again leaving the country for a job opportunity.

Oh how miss the simple life in the province. Where else can you ask a neighbor to pick malunggay (horse radish) fruit or leaves, straight from the tree? Fruit trees are mostly given away as well. Mangoes, kamias and sampalok. If you ran out of cooking oil or tomato while cooking, ask some from your neighbor! That's how cool people are in giving or lending to their neighbors.

In the province, no one could hardly keep a secret. Most of the people knows everybody. A newcomer is definitely noticed but won't be given a hard time becoming a part of the society. It is a personal experience and joy to have known most of the vendors in our little town. ( http://promdi-pinoy.blogspot.com/2009/01/to-market-to-market.html )Well, we can get the latest buzz of the town through them - from gossips to facts. If you do not know what happened last night, go to your neighbor or my favorite vendors and they'll surely keep you posted.

The province also served as my respite in the jungle of the city where I used to work. At this time though, being half the planet away from my province, I foresee that I can only visit the province once a year. Good thing that my new work environment, the island, is somewhat laid back, similar to the province life. Plus the nice sceneries... think I am lucky to earn a living in an environment that I appreciate and enjoy (and the kind of work that I prefer). Someone up above must love me that much! hehehe! Blessed should be the right word, instead of lucky.

This island, my new place still reminds me of my home province. Not only my desktop or my screen saver. There are times that certain portions or areas in the island connects me to my province. 

Or I am
 just dreaming...

Ahhh.. Whatever it is...The province remains.

(I think the photo I mentioned above was taken in Palayan near the boundary of Cabanatuan)

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