Dusk and Dawn

Our life... it's like sunrise and sunset...

The sun. Never tiring, relentlessly rising and setting - most people are entranced by the drama of the sun. It has already been a part of poems, songs, paintings and other works of man.

The sky ... unfathomable space for mankind. With the sun and clouds giving it various colors that will never be the the same.
I have tried my hands in photography since college days. Taking still shots of events and views thinking it will not happen the same way the next day. Fascinated by the different hues that sunrise and sunsets could offer, enriched wih other elements of the sky and the sea or the ground, I have captured various photos I hope worth sharing.

Take a deep Breath....
Feel the warmth and the crawling darkness and cold
that every sunset offers
The peace that comes along with dusk
as it lures us to sleep

And breathe again...
Embody the advent of hope that every dawn brings
The vigor, the energy
the new blessing and the gift of life
that shines upon us at sunrise

Zambales, Philippines

Maui, Hawaii

Dubai, UAE

Nueva Ecija Philippines

Baguio City, Philippines

Art. We also need to share.
Like our life...

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