A Peaceful Earth on Christmas

Christmas Eve.

The whole family heard the mass at Saint Joseph Cathedral.

There was a Panunuluyan - a Tagalog term which means looking for a house to stay. Panunuluyuan is a reenactment of the night surrounding Joseph and the Virgin Mary looking for a place to stay for the night in Bethlehem. They were turned down a couple of times despite the fact that Mary was about to give birth to Jesus Christ.

Until finally they were given a place to spend the night... on a barn. And Jesus was born on a sabsaban or manger where animals were fed.

The message for the nights' Christmas Eve Holy Mass is clear, it reverberates in the air: Are we ready to accept Jesus Christ into our lives?

The reenactment was so solemn and sent more goosebumps to churchgoers by the song Payapang Daigdig. The song which means Peaceful Earth (or World) made me reminisce... A lot of memories behind the song. I was a church choir member for about a decade and the song became a favorite during the holidays.

I remember my sister singing Payapang Daigdig on falsetto every Christmas Season, especially during the Misa de Gallo or Simbang Gabi. One time she got sick and I have to sing the song solo.... on falsetto. Good thing I have the entire choir behind me doing back up voices to make the song sound better. During that time, seldom we hear a young man singing on falsetto.

So I want to share the song... as it etched certain memories in my life:

Payapang Daigdig

Ang gabi’y payapa
Lahat ay tahimik
Pati mga tala sa bughaw na langit

Kay hinhin ng hangin,
wari’y umiibig
Sa kapayapaan ng buong daigdig
Payapang panahon
Ay diwa ng buhay
Biyaya ng Diyos
Sa sangkatauhan
Ang gabi’y payapa, lahat ay tahimik
Pati mga tala
Sa bughaw ng langit

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