Pinoy Promdi Welcomes 2009!

Maligayang Bagong Taon!!... a Filipino greeting which means Happy New Year!

In French: Bonne année!

In Spanish: Feliz Año Nuevo

In Portuguese: Feliz Ano Novo

(Just leave a comment to greet in other tongues!)

We are busy preparing for 2009. Filipinos prepare a lot of things to welcome the new year!
Different dishes.

The market is so busy. People bump into each other. Vendors pop here and there like mushrooms!

I'll get back and provide more details about Filipino traditions after our busy New Year preparation and celebration!

As we get busier, let me greet all of you dear readers of various countries:

Happy New Year!!

Have a Blessed 2009!!

Enjoy viewing the photos of the busy markets in the province!! I myself had fun while doing our marketing and taking these shots!

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