Philippine National Fist's Mother

Behind every man's triumph is a Woman...

By this time, Filipinos are rejoicing the recent victory of Manny over the Golden Boy Oscar Dela Hoya. I missed the fun of betting against my Mexican friends - well, sorry guys for losing the nth time.

Now, who is the woman behind the success of so-called Mexicutioner?

Is it Jinky, the 8-month pregnant wife of Manny?


The now, very well-known mother... Dionisia Pacquiao!!

Jinky has her share. But I would dare say, Dionisia Pacquiao prepares for Manny's fights almost as hard as her son does.

There are people who sometimes find it Over Acting and funny. Seeing Dionisia how she gets ready for a boxing bout in most of the television stations and even newspapers.

Sometimes, she tells people that she asked her son not to fight anymore. There was an article quoting her advising Manny 'not to bet his life for money.' Then, the sudden shift... expressing confidence that her son would win.

Tired of talking about how Manny won. how he prepared.. how he moved on the ring.. . which, come to think of it, we all watched anyways... Some folks shift on talking about the mother. I am no boxing aficionado, but I watch every Pacman's fight. With an added flavor, color and texture by no other than his mother.

The weak.. worried... extremely nervous.. prayerful... strong... and media exposed Dionisia makes Filipino life more colorful with Manny's victories. It will never be the same without her.

I cannot help but smile whenever she gives interviews. Sometimes, caught in action as she prepares the fiesta atmosphere before a fight. She does not watch the fights - she gathers her friends and relatives and pray in front of the altar. Now, I again cannot help but grin when she was recently shown praying the rosary, (almost) crying and enlessly touching, seemingly scratching the image of a saint. (I think it is the image of Virgin Mary.) Almost in a trance and out of control when praying. Of course, with full media coverage.

And when her son wins, she then again, gets media attention as she gives back the glory to the Lord and thank the supporters of her son.

I expect her to be on the caravan when her son returns.

Oh how she played the media with her flair! Whether she likes it or not, she's now a well-known personality all over the country.

On Manny's next fight, I hope to see more of Dionisia. Why not a media coverage of Manny's weeks of preparation, alongside Dionisia's daily preparation for a boxing bout?

Well, whether I smile, grin, laugh or otherwise on some of Dionisia's way of getting media mileage.. . I still respect her being a mother…and believe the true and honest feelings - the tidal wave of emotions she had in every Manny's fights.

I wonder who her wardrobe consultants and make-up artists are? Hehehe!

Don't be surprised. Next thing you'll know... Dionisia will be a politician!

Dionisia Pacquiao for President!


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girard said...

wow!!dionisia for president..and chavit for stage alalay..hehhehe!!

Minyang's Corner said...

yup! Dionisia will do for president! But what will happen to poor Chavit? He's there where Manny is. I wonder if he still sleep. He looks tired of following but is in need of something from Pacman that he cannot leave.haha! hay... Chavit..

Mervin said...

galing ni mom! a true fighter. now it's clear where manny's winning punches rooted from. hooray to all fighting moms! hooray to all filipinos! we're born fighters....

Promdi Pinoy said...

thank you guys for the comments!

Yes, i was thinking of preparing n article about how Chavit cannot let go of Manny! Infatuated with the boxer? hahaha!

And it's true mervin. Fromt he looks of it..Manny got the best of fists from his mom! hahaha!