A Resort By the Mountain

Finally, there is a newly developed resort by the foot of Sierra Madre Mountains.

The resort is called Stone 8. We have visited this a couple of times. The water is so cool, coming from the mountains. It is very near the Dupinga river, so most probably they have the same source of water.

From our part of town, it takes us around thirty minutes to get there. From the main city, it is about an hour and a half.There are breathe-taking views of mountains and hills along the way.

I saw the old bus that goes to the east coast of Luzon, Dingalan.

I also saw some farmers along the way. And carabaos , too.

At the resort, there are pools for adults and kids. slides. Fish ponds.

Of course, what is a Filipino vacation party without the videoke? Yes, we can sing our hearts out right here in this resort. I have belted a couple of songs during a relative's birthday bash here and a friend's vacation who came from Australia.

But the water, although really cold is so inviting. Very natural. No chlorine since it is free flowing, so water is replaced regularly...

From time to time, there are vendors of native delicacies and bananas that visits our kubo (nipa hut). Often, in our visits here, we buy the bananas offered so cheap in the resort.

Now, a trip to to this part of north eastern Luzon near the Sierra Madre Mountains will only be complete after a visit to this nice resort.

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