I have learned a new Tagalog word through careful listening and...

drinking with my relatives and close friends!

We were having a blast drinking local strong beer (aka red horse) and has discussed heck a lot of topics from the sun and space to Obama. I missed the local beer and did not bother to open the gift of vodka from my brother-in-law.

Our drinking forum subjects were so diverse, I cannot understand what the other half of the group is saying anymore. (For me this is one good element of alcohol, it opens up the mind and makes other people talk.)
Most of the topics evolved around relationships. I gave them some lecture about the application of strategies, based on Sun Tzu's Art of War, whenever there is a discussion between them and their wives. It was so funny, realizing that there are strategies to be learned and applied not only in business but also in relationships. I just hope my other brother in law will be careful next time in handling marital arguments involving his controversial mobile phone.

Our lively discussions were suddenly halted when my sister handed over a packed pancit (noodles) to a drinking buddy, my high school friend drinking right beside me.

Holding the packed food, He immediately commented "Ah, ok na itong paminto!" (This is an acceptable paminto)

I asked, "What does paminto mean?

It turned out that the word is combination of Tagalog prefix pam or pang which means for, or to be used to. And the word pinto - which means door or opening. Hence, literally, paminto means, an item which will be used in a door.
"Why do you consider this food as paminto? Use it in your door?"

"No. This will be the best proof of your alibi, so your wife will open the doors for you!"

"Ahhh.. So it is not just putot (or take-home food). It will also serve as the key to open the door and show your wife that you really came from a legit occasion!"

And since my good friend (since elementary days) has a valid reason to drink, plus the paminto, he does not have to worry going home late that night!

That's another strategy for drinking husbands!

Ahhh... Now, I know... And will advise my fellow drinking buddies: Everytime there is an occassion to drink, and your wife is not a part of the group... Make sure to bring a paminto with you.

It is the key to your homes... a key to blissful marriage! hehehe!

If symptoms persist, consult your wives!


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Cioara Andrei said...

Florile au un limbaj aparte. Cat de incantator ar putea sa vorbeasca un tanar iubitei sale fara sa foloseasca cuvintele!