Three Kings and the Stars

Behind every joke is a grain of truth. The society may use humour as a sneaky way to air their true feelings...

Feast of the Three Kings today in the Philippines.
It also marks the last day of the series of events anchored on Christmas celebration.

I just want to share a portion the parish priest's homily in Saint Stephen's Parish Church. How the so-called Three Kings traveled far, guided only by a star in order to pay homage to the newborn Emmanuel.

Imagine traveling across the country (or countries) just using camels? Good thing when they reached Jesus Christ, he was still a child!

The good priest really got my attention further by trying to apply the hardships of the kings to modern times in following Jesus Christ.

The priest asked, But do we know which star to follow? Let me ask you some questions..

Do you know who is the Mega Star?”
Sharon Cuneta!” the people replied.

And who is the Diamond Star?”

Without batting an eyelash, the people answered “Maricel Soriano!.”

Of course, who will not know the Superstar?”

In unison, the people said “Nora Aunor!”

What about the Star for All Seasons?”

At their loudest, the people shouted, “Vilma Santos!”

And who is the Falling Star?”
The people were silenced.

The priest, receiving no response from the suddenly muted audience, on his softest voice ever, almost whispered on the microphone:

And the people laughed with him.

The priest immediately followed by stating joke lang po!” (or it’s just a joke!)”

Well, despite the fact that he already said it was just a joke… someone at the audience can’t help himself but…

At the outstanding delivery of joke …

and the reality of...

The Falling Star!

Gloria Macapagal Arroyo!

(The falling star who refused to fall, no matter what!)


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