The Secret Garden

by joseph*promdi-pinoy
My secret garden is not really that secret
The garden is not even mine

But there is something that connects me
To the plants, the flowers and the people behind them

That’s what probably kept me thinking
The secret garden is just within our hearts

It is the way we respect the living
No matter how small, no matter what color

It is the way we appreciate things
And how it helps brighten our days

People just have to find it within themselves
And recognize the enormous value of little things

Breathing in the majesty of the secret garden
Blissful pleasure and comfort fills my soul

The plants, the flowers that are not really mine
They are owned by neighbors, relatives and friends
Keeping their garden healthy and grand
So others can partake of its splendor, its essence

The secret is also in the sharing
Of the beauty, of the blessings, of life

Try to find your little garden
It's just right there, waiting to be nurtured

Surely, it will provide harmony, peace of mind
That only a secret garden in our hearts can provide

. . . And this is the secret
Of my secret garden


Photos taken in the neighborhood of my province: Poblacion, Laur, Nueva Ecija, Philippines.
By josephldaos, promdi-pinoy 01/18/09 Monday.

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Saved Girl said...

beautiful and well said