The Wild Wired World of the Philippines

Sorry to disappoint most readers but this has nothing to do with the wild, explicit and scandalous things going on in the modern wired world in the Philippines.

And no. the photos here are not cobwebs.
Most of the cables and wires we see here are results of electrical connections. Others are telephone and cable network connections. Good thing internet connections here are mostly broadband, no need to add wires and cables to the post.

The posts are usually owned by the local electric cooperative, while if posts are inside subdivisions, these are erected by the real estate developers. As observed, there are some which are dangerously overcrowded with wires.

I do not know what kind of planning they have when it comes to wiring the cities and towns of our province. It does not need an expert in electricity and urban planning to conclude that there is lack or absence of planning.

Some posh and modern villages in the Philippines already have underground cablings. Most are development in recent years that properly planned for this aspect of technology.

As the webs of technology crawls to the provinces… Provinces that are not ready with too much wires… Yet willing to accommodate and accept the advent of modernization… This results to unsafe connections to houses. Not only that these wild wires and cables pose danger to the public, it is also unpleasant to the eye. It destroys the normal scenery that the province offers.

It will take a lot of resources in order to correct all of these cobwebs of wires. First thing that the companies involved and engaged in wiring our province are to ensure safety for the community.

Ideally, the longer term plan is to finally remove the cablings that destroys the natural sceneries of the province.

I see two things that will probably resolve in removing secondary wires and cables: One is the obvious and tedious rewiring of the province. And the other is technology. Since technology and modern living can be blamed for the wirings, it can also be the key in removing them. I hope time will come when internet, cable TV and telephone connections that does not require wires and cables will become cheaper and affordable to my province mates. Well, needless to say that wireless technology is more convenient.

As of the moment, my imagination cannot reach distributing electricity to homes without wires and cables. Ooops…. I suddenly got an idea! Why not distributing electricity through rechargeable batteries?

Imagine having one, similar to a battery car, that can accommodate one month’s electrical requirement of a house. One that can be recharged or replaced by the local electric distributor by simply texting or an automated signal to their office. Free delivery, connection and service charges!

Just imagine... A province without the wild wires.

(Most photos are taken in San Jose City and Laur, Nueva Ecija)


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