I am not really sure where the word originates from. I am not even sure if it is Tagalog or not.

What I am sure of, is the meaning and reasons behind the word "PUTOT".

The term refers to the food that is taken home by guests or given away to guests of a party or any gathering.

Filipinos are known to prepare a lot of food during occasions, parties and even small gatherings. Foods being prepared are usually in excess of expected number of guests. Hence the excess food.

Well, putot does not necessarily mean excess food.

It just means food from a party or any gathering that is taken home by a guest. It can be before, during or after the party. Putot are usually provided by the hosts to their guests. but some guests are thick-faced, packing foods even if the party is not over yet. (With the hosts reluctantly saying it is okay.)

In some parts of the country, take-home foods are considered part of the tradition for Filipino events like Baptisms and Weddings. Special food is prepared generously and packed like a gift exclusively for the principal sponsors or ninongs and ninangs. It is still putot, but this is is the kind that became a sort of tradition, giving prepared foods, packed specifically and especially for the sponsors.

Filipinos in other countries practice this as well. I have observed this in most of the gatherings from Christmases, Thanksgivings even Superbowls. Excess foods are packed and sometimes forced to the guests. Well, instead of having spoiled or throwing the excess food, might as well give it away.

Oh, it will be Thanksgiving in a few days and whoever Filipino hosting the family gathering will surely prepare excess foods, aside from dishes that will be brought by guests.

For Sure, ziploc and plastic wares will come in handy....
Happy Thanksgiving!!
Get ready... for your Putots!

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