Dividing Philippines Into Two Regions

The Philippines has suffered and has also benefited from regionalism. Since eons ago, loyalty and favors are more focused towards the region or land of origin, ethnicity or dialect.
This can be traced back to the inherent search of an individual to satisfy the need to belong, become a part of a team or group of people. And feel the sense of belongingness.

The Filipino and our national identity is a blend of diverse ethnic and linguistic groups that can be a combination of various background. This is brought about by the archipelagic land formation and various native dialects, plus the political regions comprising the country. Geography, religion, dialects and other beliefs and traditions are some of the causes of regionalism and division amongst Filipino people.

One of the advantages of regionalism is the the tendency of people to be more competitive in order to become better than the other region.

But this time, with great media influence, the Country has only Two New Opposite Poles! Two New Regions!

It is not based on geography, ethnic background or language anymore. This, I can say, is the impact of media to my countrymen, that affects including those abroad.
The advent of media has divided country into two new regions:




These are the two major television networks competing against one another in the country, as far as I can remember.
Kapamilya (Family member or relative)is by ABS CBN Broadcast Network, usually on Channel 2. It also has regional networks to attend to palate of various areas in the country. Famous shows on this network are Wowowee (known to TFC subscribers), Maala ala Mo Kaya and some drama soaps like Kahit Isang Saglit and the fantasy soap Dyosa. It also has its roster of talents that showcase their singing and dancing prowess on Sunday's ASAP variety show. It's news and magazine shows like TV Patrol and Correspondents are what I always recall. The Kapamilya channel is known as The Filipino Channel or TFC in other countries.

Kapuso (Of the same heart or Heart Beating at the same time) - or GMA Channel 7. also has regional networks. Known for programs such as Unang Hirit and the longest running variety show Eat Bulaga. GMA 7 is also home to Bubble Gang the longest running gag show. News and public affairs programs are 24 (Beinte Kuwatro) Oras, Reporter's Notebook, Pinoy Abroad, Imbestigador and Kapuso Mo Jessica Sojo amongs others. Fantasy Soaps Gagambino and Lalola are also shown on this channel. Sunday variety show has almost the same format called SOP. Their network outside the Philippines is called GMA Pinoy TV.

Both of them has received local and international awards as well. Meaning, they are both really doing well and are recognized in the Philippines and abroad. They are both doing good and i am proud as a Filipino for having both channels.

The two channels have almost the same television format and programming on a day to day basis. It's like competing head-on. Their types of program and genre are being shown simultaneously. If the other network is showing soap, expect that the other one is showing the same thing. If not, expect that one of them will adjust their programs and time slots in order to realy compete with the other.

At times, there are mud-throwing incidents especially with their noon time variety show hosts.

You will hear Filipinos nowadays discussing or debating which one is better. Even in a single household, there can be two regions or beliefs in terms of what channel to watch. As personally observed, elder people are mostly Kapamilya and the teenagers, yuppies and young parents are generally Kapuso.

I have personally witnessed more than one heated discussion about the network war. In fact, this has crossed the Philippine borders already. More than once it happened that my 'beer session' has debates focusing on what is the better variety show: from host, to games, to dancers! This also happens in some households that I know.

Well, I have my personal opinion and I think it is obvious which one I prefer. However, there are programs that are undeniably better that the other network. Let me just say, I believe Kapamailya has also good and sometimes better shows or programs. But most of the Filipino programs that I watch are in the Kapuso region. It just suits my taste. But, it's just my opinion. My perception.
So, I guess I am a Kapuso.

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