FILIPINO Life is A Beach!

The archipelagic land formation of the Philippines promotes appreciation of the waters and of island living. Surrounded by waters, the more than seven thousand islands of my country has major tourist destinations anchored on beaches and its resources. The sea also serves as the major source of living for most people living in coastal areas.

I remember when I was young, my family and friends have to travel more than four hours just to enjoy the nice beaches of Pangasinan.

The Central Plains of Luzon where I grew up is, as the name implies, far from beach resorts. (Well, we boast of being the rice granary of the country.) My almost annual summer vacation in Botolan Zambales to visit my paternal grandmother 'Papo', will not be complete without spending days on the beach.

As years passed by, I became a beach bum and tried to visit the beach if location and time permits. I was lucky to have visited different beach resorts that my country is proud of. Aside from being scenic, the climate offers the right temperature and weather (especially summer), that is incomparable to other counties.

Coastal areas in the Philippines is so picturesque, I can't help but spend a lot of time gathering photos. Unfortunately, during those times, digital photography was never heard yet. (Hence I have spent rolls and rolls of films! Hahaha!) But I already have a few collection that I can share.

Looking at some of the photos, it makes me crave to go to the beach again. ..

Let's go and enjoy Philippine beaches!!!

(Oops! No pun intended! Peace!)

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