More Than Meets The Eye

"Reserve a seat for me, please" I told my cousin as they needed to queue ahead of time to secure a seat for the opening of Transformers the Movie that starts at seven that evening.

At 6PM, I was still at work, and had to stay for, like, a thirty more minutes before I can go to the movie theatre. I prefer that AMC theatre in Eastridge compared to Century Theatre Great Mall, aside from it is near our house. (Oops, it is my cousin's house near Capitol Avenune where I stayed for almost 2 years.)

My cousins and nephews are already seated inside the theatre when I arrived. One of them, waited for me at the lobby. We dashed to our assigned seats as we enthusiastically waited for the movie to start. If not because of their effort, maybe it will take me a week before I've seen the movie.

The movie was great and I enjoyed every bit of it. Thanks and congratulations to director Michael Bay. I think he was able to capture the right characters and attitude of these fictional characters. Aside from realistic and breath-taking actions scenes!

It does not stop there. My relatives and I went our way, buying transformer toys right after we had dinner that night. If I remember it right, we went to Walmart in Milpitas (near Black Angus, where we dined). I bought some toys including a mask that transforms your voice to that of Optimus Prime. (My kids still have and enjoy the
mask. The transforming robots are nowhere in sight.)

Yes, I have never outgrown my fascination for cartoon characters, particularly Optimus Prime of the Autobots. I do not think I will ever grow out of this. My hair, already thinning plus the three kids I have, I still like watching cartoons. Sometimes, undeniably influenced by my favorites.

Fact is, I have used 'Optimus' as my call sign for my three years stay in a warehouse shopping club. All key officers of the business uses a two-way radio and we were tasked to provide call signs. I opted for OPTIMUS and it stayed, with a good recall, respected by most of the employees.

The name OPTIMUS itself demands respect and somewhat sounded like number one or leader. I have been asked a lot of times why I chose and where did I get the name. Seldom, if not only at that time, these employees have met a Senior Officer using a cartoon character as a call sign. Some of them have Trinity, Scorpion, Archer and Monarch. I never denied that I got the name fromTransformers, but I have to emphasize what the name also implies. Based on my research Optimus is the Latin word for best, aristocrat, noble.

Often, we will hear this on the radio "Optimus-Bravo 2. Optimus this is Bravo 2, please come in!" echoing in every corner of the building. That's the security guard at the entrance or employees' exit, usually seeking permission about whatever is happening that requires senior approval. There are times, I am not even called by my name anymore. Radio users, especially the security guards, uses my call sign when they talk about me. Whew! The influence and impact of Optimus.

I believe, during the time "Sir Optimus" was on duty (and whether he is known as Optimus or his real name), he treated others with respect and gained respect out of it. He was able to work with, enjoyed the company of, and lead the team as inspired by the name - which he believes is what more than meets the eye....

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