Understanding People Through Candy Wrappers

People have different characters. Individual differences is actually one of the reasons that make people get along with one another.

As a social person, we live amongst throngs of various groups of people and try to live as harmoniously as we can. Whether admittedly or not, we tend to analyze the people we try to socialize with - no matter how deep or shallow (our method of analysis - not the person :)). There are people who seems to be more judgemental and keep away from people who, in their personal opinion, are considred not good influences. Some people has the tendency to be more observant and try to dig deep into behavioral aspects of another person. This is how we, as a people, cope up socially.

The saying 'birds of the same feathers flock together' is not made out of nothing. There are some similarities that we see in each other that's why we stick together. This could be our race, class, social status, georgraphical location or even behaviors, abilities and disabilities. But opposite poles attract as well. Recognizing we have individual differences is one of the means by which we can understand people.

I personally try to distinguish people, including myself - in the socio-physchological realm. There are so many underlying factors with which to 'individualize' a person. However, other factors necessitates deeper understanding or observation and even involvement.

What is the Candy Wrapper's role in analyzing or understanding human behavior?

I use the Candy Wrapper to recognize and understand a person. This is easy. With my method, there are two kinds of categories:

First, is the concerned and conscious - the person throws the small candy wrapper in a trash can. Exerts effort in looking for a proper place to throw the smallest of trash wrapper usually made of plastic or foil. Puts it in a pocket or personal bag if trash cans are out of sight. This individual is concerned about the environment and society- consciously or unconsciously. Can also be considered an organized person.

Second, is a carefree person - throws candy wrapper anywhere. Just puts it where it is convenient - on the
ground, on top of the table, on a corner of the bus seats or car seats. Just everywhere and anywhere. This does not mean the person is not concerned about the environment or about other people. But this person does not know or realize the impact of a disorganized conditions, impacts of plastics or trash in the environment among others.

I get along well with either type of persons. The objective of recognizing an individual is to understand or maybe categorize. Not to seggregate nor promote misunderstandings due to differences. I may favor the first category above but it does not necessarily mean the second is a bad person. It's just one way of categorizing individuals.

I still see a lot of candy wrappers, cigarette buts, bottle crowns and other trash thrown everywhere. (All of the photos shown here are taken in our neighborhood this morning.) Hence, there are still a lot of people belonging to the second category.

As we go out and socialize, try to observe friends, coworkers, classmates, church leaders, politicians, neighbors and other members of our society - What category do they belong to?

You....Where do you belong?

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