The Family that Drinks Together...

Gets drunk together!
Hey, hey, hey! Do not blame me but love for alcohol runs in our blood. Not to the extent of having arrested DUIs or needing to be rehabilitated through AA. But, I don't mind being in the same genre with that of Paris Hilton or Mel Gibson or Shia LeBouf!

We just share this common genes that makes us appreciate wines, champagnes, beers, schnapps, gins, vodkas, rums, brandy, tequila, whiskeys, liquers, lambanogs, bilog, cocktail drinks and....

I even dreamed of becoming a bartender! Most of the time, I try to concoct different cocktail drinks and strong shots during family gatherings. I take care of the bar as much as I can. I have been successful at times, in getting some friends and relatives getting either tipsy or totally wasted! We only know how to appreciate alcohol and tries to influence others to become a part of our matured taste!

There are a lot of memories with my family enjoying the company of one another, boosted by spirits. Wines of different colors and flavors, gins, and beers are a part of every occasion - Birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, Fourth of July, Super Bowls, Manny Pacquiao fights, celebration of achievements and the list goes on and on... Even the mornings we wake up is an event to celebrate! That's another day we need to be thankful for! Hahaha!

Younger members of the clan are treated with non-alcoholic mixes. They are not yet allowed to drink or taste it. But often, I tease their parents if I can train them before 18. Soda, juices and sparkling ciders are provided to them from time to time. (Some sort of training, eh?)

One thing for sure is, alcohol makes any event more enjoyable and the party more fun! My relatives has their unique way of getting spirits influence them. My pride, is, that never have I seen anyone seeking trouble or arguing too much or looking for a brawl or fight. Never!

Alcohol brings out what they have in mind and what they really feel. Some people really need a doze of alcohol to be more open or to perform in front of the public. Introverts become extroverts - thanks to alcohol! Here goes some of my relatives' traits after a drink or two (and they will know who they are once they read this):

  • Crying over a lost relationship which is, like, eons ago;

  • Shouting to the world how much she loves her siblings and cousins;

  • Hugging everyone in the room (see how much love there is?);

  • Repeatedly stating how much pride one has for another relative;

  • Exchanging stories of historical family events - something that can compete with World War II!

  • Laughing (and rolling) at very very corny jokes or sometimes laughing at nothing!

  • Philippine economy, politics and related frustrations! Hehehe!

  • For the usual non-performers: Singing and dancing at everyone's amazement!

  • Craving for food and pulutans - eating it like a regular main course!

Our relationship becomes tighter since we have known each other better through bottles of beer and sips of wine. During some drinking times with very close relatives, we tell stories, often considered secrets, only our close buddies would know.

I, on the other hand, is usually a listener and observer.. unless they will give me a microphone! I will sing my heart out! hahaha! Well, I don't need the the booze just to sing and talk, anyways. As an aspiring bartender, I try to get a hold of the bar as much as I can. Mix some drinks and entertain my relatives (through mixing and singing).

My family and relatives just knows how to appreciate alcohol.
How can I help it?
It has been a part of gatherings since biblical times!
Or maybe even before things got recorded in history.
We just love to to be together and drink together!
My pride to them who knows how to handle themselves from the first sip to the last drop of alcohol!

A toast to my family and relatives!

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