The Entries and Walks

Babette slowly writes the amount on her paper and exclaimed "Are you sure this is debit one hundred twenty pesos?"

"Yes", replied Germie. "But I am not sure why!" If you wanna copy! Just copy!" I just copied it from Diana!" and he continued pinching Babette's ears. A habit he is well-known for.

"Let me see, let me see!" said Helen. She fully trusts Diana's answers being on top of their class. She grabbed the sheet of paper and continued comparing their assignments while combing her hair.

"Don't worry I'm not gonna ask you about any of this entries! I'll just copy! Hehehe!" Puroy told Germie, grabbing the columnar pad from Helen.

While starting to copy and write, Maribeth was surprised when Puroy grabbed the copy "Hey Yayang, let us all see! Do not be bwakaw (greedy)!" And then suddenly she laughed...

The rest of the group wondered why the so called Amazona is laughing on her own. Maribeth continued giggling.. "Look guys! I was copying even Diana's name! So stupid!" Hahaha!' And everybody laughed with her.
"Shhhhh! Silence!" Said Odette and Lorie almost at the same time, placing their forefingers on their lips. "Our Boss is coming any minute now!" said the two, who works as Student Assistants in the Library.
Arlene kept her mum. Writing with hair almost covering her face, she reminded the rest "Come on guys, we only have a few minutes left before the start of class with Sir Oca!" Sir Oca is a funny and well respected professor but he's not the kind any student would want to mess up with. Known for his jokes that anybody who will not follow will be hit by a palatiaw (hatchet) on the face! ("papalatiawin ko mukha mo!").

"Ahhh, this is an adjusting entry that's why this account is debited, am I right Tess?" Joseph staring at his papers asked one of the topnotchers in the class.

"Yes, I think so, said Tess." I did the same thing as Diana's" and she continued reading her book for the next lesson.

Frowning, Elena childishly dropped her pen and paper on the table and said "I really hate Sir Bobs for this assignment! Does he think we are enjoying this? Hmph!"

"Let it go sister, let it go! Just copy, hurry up!" Said Orly in his baritone voice. Elena was also known as Sister for acting like a nun (or pretending) sometimes.

"Hey, how come I did not have that entry and my Balance Sheet is okay?" asked Eva, eyes enlarged while habitually pressing her calculator at random. "Do you think this is right, Paul?"

Paul replied, "Well, this problem is tricky. I think you need to change your answers! Where is Diana when you need her?" waving his hands, shaking like a nervous person.
"I think she's in the acacia tree near Acad Building. Classes are about to start, she's waiting there." Fe exclaimed while scribbling fast on her columnar pad!

"Hey, hey! Do you have a spare columnar pad with you?" asked Cherry almost shouting from the other table. "I still need a few sheets to finish my assignment!"

"Here, I still have some!", said Imelda passing the lined paper to Cherry through Michael who keeps on pouting while writing and then to Roy. "We are slaves of paper! Hehehe!" Roy, the school's (not so famous) heattrhob added, as he gave the papers to Cherry.

"Thanks Puto! Hehehe!" Cherry teased Roy. (Puto, meaning rice cake, the alias of Roy).

"Hey, it's time to go! Our classes with Sir Oca starts in 5 minutes!" exclaimed one of the guys.

"We will just finish this between classes!" said most of the girls. "Babette, let us have some of your baby powder!" a couple of girls exclaimed as they start to fix themselves.

The large group of students stood up almost at the same time, grabbed their school things and left the library. Acad Building, where business subject classes are held, is adjacent the library building and takes about a couple of minutes walk.

Puroy and Cirilo bragged and joked around " Hurry up slow people! You did not finish 'coz you're all so slow! Next time, just copy and do not use your brain anymore! Hehehe!"

And the group walked together...

The walk that is just a start

of their life's journey...


This is a typical scene, where a group of students study together in order to cope up with the demands of their chosen field of study.
Dedicated to:
Batch 1993
Bachelor of Science in Commerce Major in Accounting
Wesleyan University Philippines
Cabanatuan City


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Helen said...

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Where you can see the best bangs in the world!

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