Wii Play

Near the Sierra Madre Mountain Range, about a stone's throw away from the river, it is very rare - or to exxagerate - almost impossible to see children playing wii.

Well, the video game played by my kids and the whole family is really fun! My youngest child Yohan now 4 is good in playing bowling and beats the h**l out of me as he double strikes. I have not seen him accomplished a turkey, though. My aunt, now more than 50, who visited us the other night, scheduled a game with us! Thanks to nintendo and the inventor of wii! Now there is this game that people of all ages could play and have a good time together!

Now, as I watch my kids play, I also see to it that I observe how they do it. As they beat each other in tennis or boxing or as they patiently or impatiently wait for their turn in golf. Sportsmanship. I am currently thinking that I am developing my children's sportsmanship as they play. I want them to learn and accept that:

  • There is time constraint in every game. We set schedules and it should be followed

  • They need to patiently wait for their turn

  • Practice humility not only when they win but while teaching other players

  • Accept deafeat

  • Try to learn from the other (better) players

  • Respect the other players, especially the elders

Sometimes, I still see my children's faces so sad when they are beaten up. (Hey! who would be so happy and glorious losing?) Their patience being tested as they wait for their turn - whiling away time trying to play other stuffs. At times, bragging about some things they can do that others cannot! Some of these behaviors are a no-no. But honestly and practically speaking, is factual and truthful behavior (could be a part of human nature). These behaviors need to be tempered and controlled in order to survive in the jungle we call society when they grow up.

There are moments when I see them proud of one another, even when they lose. Beyond the game, the relationship continues to develop as they talk about how they played. Sometimes, the youngest is playing imaginary roles - even us adults has distinct names and characters coined after the Super Mario game.

I am no perfect in terms of disciplining my kids nor am I good in child psychology. But I think I am planting a good seed and I hope to see better persons in the future. Other parents maybe looking at it the same way, or otherwise. This is what I believe is right and can only be proved in time.

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