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Promdi Pinoy

I am not really sure what will be the main content of my blog. As a Promdi Pinoy, I have this innate objective to understand the nature of people. Definitely not in a deep scientific way. Maybe I will just focus on how individual differences makes every person interesting. As this creates chaos in some parts of the world, this also serves a challenge ... that, takes courage and broad knowledge to understand.

It will not be overnight, I know, for anyone to understand different people, cultures, traditions and the environment we live in. I might dabble into art, religion, government and other interests as well.

Promdi Pinoy in its strictest term means a Filipino from the Province. A term coined which means a person who came from the province. Usually, being 'promdi' is shown in his perception and reactions - that shows being a novice, somewhat innocence in the new world and technology.

With this blog, I would like to broaden the meaning of Promdi. I coined the term Promdi Pinoy, that would not only mean, ME as a Filipino form the province. But Promdi, meaning 'from the' heart and mind of a Pinoy who orginates from the province... the footsteps of the grand Sierra Madre Mountain Range.

This will be the voice of my perceptions and opinions.

People are welcome to agree.

I also appreciate people who disagrees. Because I believe, it shows and proves that they analyze things and are not afraid to voice opinions. I welcome and respect people of thoughts and opinions!

Thank You for visiting my site and Welcome to my world!

In the eye of a Promdi Pinoy...

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