'Pinas Blooms

While everything seems gloomy for me. All of these floral blooms were taken in the Philippines when I went back home due to my father's death.

It was a major decision. I have to consider a lot of things going home. Which means giving up a career. A dream that fell into my lap without me thinking or planning about it.

When the time came for me to go back and give up everything... It was really one of the toughest times of my life.

These flowers, as they bloom, witnessed my gloom. Traveling half the world for more than 12 hours... to see my father, again.

I know my father told me not to go home and give up everything. He asked me to stay and focus on work. I know him to be a family man and always considers what was best for me and my family.

I know him to be strong. That he can deal with it. He was a military man. A proud one at that. A good one. Never corrupt. He taught me a lot of things. I learned so much from him. He was a proud father to me. He talks about his children a lot of times. Having eight wacky children means talking almost the whole day!

My father completed the normal circle of life. He buried his parents and his children buried him. All eight of us, together. I held to the last straw of my strength on his eulogy as I thanked all of our relatives and friends who stood by us. I know my father would be proud of us. And I am a son proud of his father. He guided us to be strong, decent and disciplined. Never have I questioned his being a good provider. My respect and salute to him for being the best father.

He was a father most of us would dream of having....

How can I not pay my ultimate respect and see him for the last time?

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